01 - Decalled Script Free Font Demo

02 - Decalled Script Free Font Demo

Decalled Free Script Font

05 - Decalled Script Free Font Demo

Decalled Free Script Font is one of the many samples offered by Semut Hitan. It has its way of making something sharp and jagged look super elegant. It is very bold and realistic as it gives off the dry brush style on the edges of every single character. It is a sample suited for a variety of things such as a book cover, invitations, greeting cards, and even logos.

A special thanks to Semut Hitan for sharing this incredible sample with us and letting us try it out. If you end up trying this font, which we recommend you do, and like it; be sure to try out the Full Version as well! This version comes with many amazing features such as multilingual characters, ligatures, stylistic alternates, punctuation and numerals, upper and lowercase characters, and many more glyphs.


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