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Top 31 Free Corporate and Business Powerpoint Templates of 2017

Anyone who wants to professionally and artistically crafts a PowerPoint presentation can use these templates. Download one or all of these templates now and captivate all your viewers with the amazing features provided. Overall, templates are extremely beneficial no matter who you are.

Free Powerpoint Templates - Creating a Pitch Deck in PowerPoint

Business Powerpoint Template

These slides are perfect for any professional presentation or business pitch. They possess graphs, charts and other diagrams to add more substance to your presentation. It also allows for easy, drag and drop imagery, easing stress off of you during presentation preparation.

Free Powerpoint Template, Keynote Template, Google Slides Themes

Formal Free PowerPoint, Keynote and Free Google Slides theme

The layout of the slides makes it easy to insert your own information and gives you an outline of where to add supplemental details, such as in the margins or in a subheading, to balance out the information on your slide. The colors of the templates are neutral yet complimentary to give your presentation style and class.

Free Professional Powerpoint Template Keynote Themes Google Slides Themes

Genesis Presentation Template

You can use the Genesis Presentation template and grace yourself with many amazing features that will make the creation process of your slideshow much easier. Download this perfect presentation template that I fit for anyone who wants to make your presentation stand out and be unforgettable.

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PowerPoint is the world’s most popular presentation software; you will find slideshows created with this powerful software everywhere. Whether it’s a conference, a school lecture, a business proposal or a creative resume — people are flocking towards PowerPoint as their one-stop solution for presentations. And since PowerPoint is so such in demand, it’s more important than anything to select a design that can impress your crowd. That’s why we created these amazing powerpoint templates to help you achieve your goals out and make the creation process easier.

Choosing the right PowerPoint template for your project is all about understanding your personal needs. That’s why we encourage you to follow the enlisted guidelines below to understand the selection process of the best PowerPoint template for you.


#1: Why is PowerPoint the best choice?

First and foremost, before creating a presentation, you have to understand the software you are using. It seems that PowerPoint is the primary choice these days, but is there any particular reason as to why it is so?

PowerPoint’s strongest points are its large user base, flexible features, and decades worth of experience in helping people like you create the best presentations. Not only is it compatible with Windows and MacOS systems, but there’s also a cloud version available through the Office Online platform. While the Windows version is the most feature-rich because of its native integration, you will still have ample amounts of flexibility to create slides from a device that you use on a daily basis. If you find yourself in a situation of indecisiveness about which option is the easiest, then PowerPoint is typically a safe choice.

#2: Know your idea before you commit.

When you start to browse for your perfect template you suddenly realize something. It’s that designers have been creating PowerPoint templates for years, and there are thousands of options available for download.

So, understanding your idea and the topic you wish to talk about is pivotal. On top of that, understanding who is your audience is also beneficial. The idea is that a business meeting with your team members might not be as demanding as say, doing a TED talk in front of the leading people in your industry. Understand your requirements and the position you are in, then find a template that fits your needs.

Our recommendation is that you begin by visualizing your idea using a piece of paper and a pen. Write down your major talk points, and any counterpoints that might come up. Having a clear outline will help you understand which templates fits your criteria the best.

#3: Choose from these PowerPoint templates

Once you have finished creating an outline, it’s time for you to make that final decision of which style you’re going to go with this time. We at Graphicpanda specialize in different presentation styles, but above all, we try to deliver world-class quality and professional service so that your presentations can do their magic.

Here are some more tips to help you with the process:

  • Category — Always double check the category for which you’re browsing the presentation templates. These days PowerPoint templates are divided into many sub-categories for specific purposes like business, creative projects, design, art, social media, etc.,
  • Copyright — Check the type of additional files that are have been included with the template, and see if there are any copyright issues you should be cautious about, especially for placeholder images and icons.
  • Support — In the event of something breaking or not working, you want to have the reassurance of the designer to give you the necessary support. Premium templates are typically quite straightforward in this, and we at Graphicpanda value our customers and strive to provide the best customer service possible.

#4: Begin to design your presentation.

One the theme decision has been made, and you’re happy with your choice, it is going to be time for you to start putting the presentation together. The best place to visit during this process is the PowerPoint Documentation — it covers anything you would ever need help with when creating your first presentation.

Typically, as a beginner, you won’t have to struggle to get the results that you seek. Online communities like Stack Overflow and Reddit are wonderful places to ask questions and advice. Feel free to browse from this collection and find from these powerpoint templates the best that fits your business or purpose.