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Google Slides Templates / Google Slides Themes
Google Slides Templates / Google Slides Themes
Google Slides Templates / Google Slides Themes

What is Google Slides?

Google Slides is an alternative presentation “software” choice for those who spend a lot of their time in the browser. Using Google Slides Themes will make the work easier and faster while you surf the net. Google Slides It is part of the Google Docs and Google Drive suite. The main difference that sets Google Slides apart from other software in the market is the fashion in which the slides are presented. Google Slides uses a linear design concept. Which enables for multiple people to work on the same presentation at the same time.

Since Google Slides operate strictly in the cloud, anyone can access and work with them from any device that is connected to the web. All you need is an account with Google, and you’re set to go. Unique features include an in-depth history archive of any changes that have been made to the slides; this creates a more structured way of understanding why some changes were made. Last but not least, Google Slides can be exported into other formats. Among them are PowerPoint and PDF — which you can import into your PowerPoint software and further customize if you wish.

The default that goes with Google Slides is perfect for variations of situations, including business pitches, case studies, professional resumes, general presentations, photo albums, book reports, science projects, and more. Google has made it accessible for outside parties, such as designers, to create their own Google Slides themes, and upload them for use by anyone. This is what this section of Graphicpanda is all about. We strive to provide you with the best Google Slides themes on the market, mostly without you needing to invest anything at all.

Why use Google Slides Themes?

It’s a reasonable question to ask. With alternatives like Keynote and PowerPoint already catering to millions of users, what could be the advantage of using Google Slides? Well, you would be surprised to learn that Google has invested a significant amount of time into creating their presentation software as unique as possible.

Below are some of the core reasons for using Google Slides, especially if you are someone who does a lot of his work from the browser, rather than from the operating system perspective.

  • Collaboration — One of the main reasons why people use Google Slides is collaboration. Having the ability to edit, share, and customize slides with multiple at the same time is a huge plus. As a cloud platform, everything happens in real-time, so you’re always working with the same exact slides amongst your peers.
  • Clean UI — Google is known for having a super clean user interface across all of its products, and Slides is not an exception. Sometimes more features can be a good thing, but almost always less is more. Google’s interface for slide management is intuitive and emphasizes only the most essential tools and features for making changes.
  • Remote Access — Being a cloud platform means that you can work on your slides from a tablet, a laptop, or a mobile smartphone. So as long as you’re connected to the internet, editing your slides from remote devices will never be a problem.
  • Quick Publishing — Google Drive provides an effortless way of publishing content directly to the web. With one click of a button, you can publish your presentation on a real web address. And it can be accessed by anyone. There’s an option to limit the presentation permissions based on custom email addresses, as specified by you.

Google Slides is Available in the Browser.

Of course, any software has its limitations, and so does Google Slides. The biggest downfall is that you cannot work on your slides from a desktop computer since there is no desktop application available. Maybe that will change in the future, but for now, Google Slides is available only in the browser. Another thing that users have noted is the lack of video and audio exporting options. Those with heavy animation requirements might have to look elsewhere.

There is one last feature that might inspire you to give Google Slides a try. It’s the in-built questionnaire. During a live performance of your presentation, the audience members can ask you real questions. Yes. While you present. This is an interactive feature that could be helpful in so many different contexts.

The education and business sector can benefit greatly from engaging their students and audience members in real-time. It makes them feel part of the experience and allows you to challenge yourself by having to answer questions that you didn’t previously prepare for.